How to Make Indian Kaapi

We wanted to share the joy of making kaapi and hope this helps you brew the perfect cup of kaapi at home. Traditionally, Kaapi is made with a Decoction filter and served with a Davara & Tumbler. However, you can always make a good cup of kaapi using your chemex/french press/ coffee maker/ espresso machine. Let's Kaapi! 

Step1: Add 2-3 Tbsp in the first compartment of the filter.


Step 2: Using the plunger, level the kaapi powder to make it compact in compartment one.


Step 3: Add Steaming hot water to the first compartment till the line of control!  & Let it Brew (10-15 mins tops and you buy some time to boil / steam milk) 


Step 4: Once the decoction settles in the lower compartment of the filter, add it to the davara ( or any coffee mug) . The decoction would be hot, so be careful trasnferring it into the Davara cup.

Step 5: Add hot, frothy milk to the cup ( tastes best if it is whole milk, can be substituted with other types of milk as well) 

Step 6: Pour the Kaapi back & forth to let it aerate. Add sugar if you'd like  & your decadent kaapi is ready!  

P.S -  The filter makes around 2 cups of kaapi. We are working on a quick video as well, stay tuned! Happy Kaapi-ing.